Employment Tribunal Review Findings Published

In a report presented by Mr Justice Underhill yesterday, several recommendations have been suggested to improve the employment tribunal process.

The full text of the Fundamental Review of Employment Tribunal Rules can be found here, but a summary of the key recommendations include:

  • Changes to the withdrawal process which would mean that if one of the parties ends the dispute while at the employment tribunal, the other party will not be required to notify their intention to bring the claim to an end.
  • Separate pre-hearing reviews and case management discussions will be combined.
  • Weak cases will be managed better by an early paper sift so that the judge has the opportunity to review claims early in the process and dismiss those without an arguable complaint or response.

Source: Department For Business Innovation and Skills

On Justice Underhill’s review findings, Amy Hallam, BRM’s business employment law specialist commented:

“Any changes that make Employment Tribunal claims simpler and more cost effective will be welcomed. I await with interest to see which recommendations will be implemented”

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Amy Hallam is a director and Head of Employment Law at BRM.

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