Olympic Games Guidance For Employers

As the Olympic Games get closer, many company employees may be wondering how they will be able to participate in the occasion around their work.

Your staff may have volunteered to help directly in events, some may have tickets to watch events at the games in London or would like to see the games on TV. Some may have no interest at all but may be worried this could exclude them from any special allowances employers may give their employees during the Olympics.

There is no employment law or legislation which requires you to give staff extra time off especially for the Olympics, but as an employer you may want to allow your staff extra time or flexible working hours to enjoy the games.

ACAS have issued some very good guidance on how employers can manage time off for their employees during the Olympics. This guidance can be found on the ACAS website.

If you have any specific questions arising from the ACAS guidance or general concerns regarding giving time off to your employees during the Games, contact business employment law solicitor, Amy Hallam on 01246 564012 or email your enquiry using our online contact form.