Businesses Beware Of Bogus Companies House Emails

Some of our clients have told me this morning about receiving a convincing email and PDF attachment, claiming to be from Companies House.

I contacted Companies House about the email who confirmed it is not from them and they are aware of similar emails doing the rounds.

The email attaches a PDF letter on Companies House letterhead, addressed to the recipients company.

This letter is headed “Statutory Notice – Proposed Company Removal” and goes on to say that Companies House is considering removing the company from the register.

Below is an image of the fake Companies House letter received this morning by one of our clients.

Example of bogus Companies House letter

I am not entirely sure of the email’s true motive – these sorts of emails are often trying to obtain information  which the sender could use to take control of an account. It is also possible the attachment or destination of a link in the email contains a type of malware or virus.

The advice from Companies House is to be wary of any unsolicited emails you are not expecting.

If you receive an email you are suspicious of:

Visit for Companies House’s full advice on dealing with unsolicited/phishing emails.