ACAS Publishes Early Conciliation Statistics

As reported back in my Employment Law Reform Timetable in early 2013, in May of this year new rules relating to Early Conciliation in Employment Tribunals were introduced.

The new rules mean that anyone making Employment Tribunal claims from 6th May 2014 had to first notify ACAS. This was to encourage resolution of disputes without resorting to a Tribunal. This allowance was made available on a voluntary basis from 6th April, but was made compulsory in May.

ACAS have published statistics for the first 6 months of the new process.

The statistics show that in April, a total of 3,833 Early Conciliation notifications were received by ACAS. From May onwards, this figure as ranged between 6,542 and 7,104.

The vast majority of notifications received are from employees.

Under this new process, around 58% of claims did not progress to Tribunal. COT3 Settlements were agreed in 18% of cases, and 24% continued to a Tribunal claim.

It is still early days, but the new procedures should benefit both Employees and Employers, saving both groups time and money, while significantly reducing the volume of cases reaching Tribunals.

You may read the full report from ACAS at the following link: Early Conciliation Update: April – September 2014

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Amy Hallam – Employment Law Solicitor, BRM Solicitors


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