Coronavirus – Six Considerations For Employers

More recommendations are coming through from governments around the world regarding work, social interactions, and travel due to the spread of coronavirus.
In this article our Employment Law Team list six considerations for employers in relation to homeworking.

  1. Have you got a home working policy?
  2. Have you got enough equipment suitable for home working?
  3. Have you tested that home working is possible and works properly before it is needed?
  4. Do your remote computers and connections have adequate security? Homeworking could be a cyber criminal’s dream!
    Consider VPNs, multi-factor authentication, anti-malware software, and device encryption.
  5. Do you have adequate licensing for home working? (e.g. Microsoft Office, Remote Desktop CALs and User CALs)
  6. Is it safe for employees to bring equipment back to work? How will you clean equipment?

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