Stamp Duty – A “Dumb Tax” ?

This morning, around 40 guests were treated at Chesterfield’s Casa hotel to an entertaining look at the economy by Seven Investment Management founder and finance commentator, Justin Urquhart Stewart.

Amongst his insight into the state of the global economy was an interesting comment on Stamp Duty being a “dumb tax”. Justin has been a long-time critic of this government invention.
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Month extension for flood insurance but an uncertain future remains

Back in March, we published an article explaining the current insurance situation for flood risk properties. The original article can be read at Tide Will Soon Turn For Flood Risk Insurance.

At the time, a 10 year agreement between insurers and the government to provide flood insurance was set to expire in June 2013.
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Solar panels: Are the benefits too good to be true?

If you were promised reduced energy bills, extra income and a lower carbon footprint all without you having to do anything, most of us would jump at the chance.

Suppliers and manufacturers of solar panels have made such promises and people have invested in their solar panels with the expectation of free electricity and big financial returns.
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